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We are the group of joint venture companies between Asia and USA Oversea Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and also mainland China Chinese.

1960 year we’ve established factory in Yamato city and Kawasaki city Chiba city, those three factories produce all kind of Japanese Automobile body parts. Ground parts. Engineering Plastic and PTFE products.

1961 year we’ve established Shinken Co., Ltd. locate in Shibuya Tokyo, export 90% new all kind of Japanese Automobile such as automobile small truck and all kind of trucks bulldozer and construction heavy equipments including crane truck and tower crane and etc. to Asia Oceania Pacific Australia New Zealand Africa and Middle East.

1971 year President Nixon devalue US.Dollar, Japanese government revalue Japanese Yen, we have joint venture with Taiwanese to make 5 more factories in Taiwan to produce PTFE products (PTFE Thread Seal Tape, PTFE Gasket, PTFE Rod, PTFE Sheet and etc.), Sanitary Ware, Kitchen Ware, Household Products, Water Supply Products, Waste Water Products and Motorcycle. Selling all kind of production to our main market in Asia Oceania Pacific Middle East Africa USA and Mexico.

1975 year many thing in Asia have changed, cost of living are increase in Japan and Taiwan. we, then have to make another joint venture with oversea Chinese in Thailand to establish 2 more companies and 5 more factories in Thailand then move some production line from Japan Taiwan to Thailand and also make some other new kind of production such as machinery parts engine parts rubber products and etc, supply to our main market.

1980 year mainland China come up to the world. There are more and more competitor from this part of Asia, it push us to make another moving step, get ourselves to joint venture with some mainland China Chinese to do many more thing here in mainland China. We have moved many productions line from Japan Taiwan Thai to produce here just to reduce our production cost, but we still kept our main secret and some technical know-how in Japan Taiwan and Thailand just to protect ourselves from private.

From many years of making our products and international trade experience, we believe that, we could fulfill all of our customers requirement such as Quality, Quantity, Prompt Delivery, Prices and etc.
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